1. blogging scope and sequence
  2. blogging verbs

3. Bloom's animation

  1. 1. longer more frequent, 1 per week
  2. reflect learning

  3. improved mechanics, see AFL rubric

  4. thoughtful

  5. see yourself as a writer

Blogging Rubric

Compelling- Do I want to read your blog? Do you make me want to come back?
Organized- Is your blog user friendly?
Internet Safe - Are you following Internet safety guidelines?
Rubric 1 2 3
Does your blog provoke interest in me?
Author does not seem very interested
People very interested in the subject are interested
Provoke interest in people not very interested in subject

Are people visiting your site? Do you have any followers of your blog?
Very few people visiting site

Less than 20
Some people visiting site

Between 20-30
Good amount of traffic

More than 30

Are there people from other provinces or countries visiting your blog?
Everybody visiting is from the same place
People visit from different places within Saskatchewan
People visit from other provinces or countries

Do people leave comments?
No comments
Some comments

1 or 2 comments
Good amount of comments

More than 2 comments
Are you consistent in your style?
Style has no consistency
Some consistency

The reader has some idea what to expect from you
Very consistent

The reader knows what to expect from you

Are your main points easy to find? Do the main points flow with the text?
Main points hard to find or non existent
Main are easy to find but do not flow well in the text
Main points flow well in the text and are easy to find

Are you to the point in your writing or too wordy?
Lots of words without a point or meaning
Meaning is clear, but still too many words are used
Meaning is clear and text is a good length

Is the format pleasing to the eye and user friendly?
Format is hard to use and looks poor
Format is user friendly, but looks poor
Format both user friendly and pleasing to the eye
Internet Safe
Are following Internet Safety guidelines?
Show personal information, disrespect themselves/others
Some content that is possibly unsafe
No personal information, and respect themselves/others


□ don’t be pointless
□ best effort
□ evidence of pre-planning- web, outline
□ higher order “verbs
□ evidence of reading/jot notes- use word for first copy
□ 200 words minimum
□ visual

□ topic and concluding sentence