Family Life Unit notes:

Reproduction Review:

  • fallopian tubes- are tubes that lead from the uterus to the ovaries
  • menstration- is monthly bleeding preparing uterus for implantation
  • ovaries- are organs in a woman's abdomen that produce eggs once a month
  • uteris- size of pear, purpose- to make baby
  • ovulation- ovaries make egg once a month
  • cervix- opening between uterus and vagina
  • placenta- sack between the uteris that feeds the baby
  • umbilical chord- connects the baby to the placenta
  • semen- the liquid containing sperm
  • sperm- male sex cells containing 23 single chromosomes
  • egg- femal sex cells, containing 23 single chromosomes

    Body Image:
  • looks matter!?
  • are you affected by ads?
  • girls are rewarded for being, boys for doing?
  • girls at puberty, 15% body fat to 25%
  • boys at puberty,15% to 10%
  • positive people
  • love yourself
  • role models
  • who do you want to be like?
  • does weight matter?


Decision Making Process
  1. reflect
  2. research
  3. explore alternatives
  4. make a decision
  5. design an action plan
  6. evaluate

Sexually Transmitted Infections:
  • Sexually transmitted infections- H.I.V., warts, chlamydia, syphyllis, crabs, herpes, hepatitus
  • Symptoms- odour, itching, discharge, bumps, no symptoms, abdominal pain, pain on urination, sterility, insanity, death, heart/brain damage, lumps on body, irregular periods
  • Causes- unprotected sex, unclean needles, exchange of infected body fluids, blood transfusions, body piercings, breast feeding, pregnancy

Birth Control:


  • abstinence
  • withdrawal
  • rythm

  • depot provera
  • evra patch
  • the pill
  • IUD
  • contraseptive foam
  • sponge
  • nuva-ring
  • morning after pill

  • Diaphragm
  • Condom
  • Female condom

tubal ligation - cut women's falopien tubes
vasectomy- cuts the tube that spurm flows up to come out the penis