pier 21 on-line story collection (use this for stories)

kids site of can. settlement

canadian immigration stats (1)

multicultural canada timeline (2-notes)

2. Muslim immigration in Edmonton

5. pier 21, immigration game notes

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6. can. immigr. test immigr. notes

4. Chinese head tax

3. Chinese head tax apology

1. immigration statistics tables (3- some info.) canadian immigration timeline (4- use this for assignment)

passages to Canada-
immigrant stories


2. on the path of elders video, games, etc.

3. OTC grade eight unit, page 121-125 handout

1. maps

4. google video- treaty talk with Jeff Martinuk, etc.

5. club native, Indian Act
  • there are many different opinions on treaties
  • negotiating treaty obligations seems to be an on-going process
  • many treaty promises have been broken
  • perhaps treaties are living documents (because they continue to describe changing relationships between people)
  • we are all treaty 6 people
  • negotiated in 1876
  • the language of the original treaties would have been next to impossible for Chiefs and elders to understand did you know, Indian Act, vote first nations myths

History: minutes

3. timeline
  • 1608-Founding of Quebec
  • 1608-Champlain established a fortified trading post at Quebec City
  • 1649-Huron Defeated by Iroquois and French.
  • 1670-Hudson's Bay given trading rights to HB and the entire area where rivers drain into the bay (eastern Canada)
  • 1759-battle of the Plains of Abraham, Quebec City
  • French General Montcalm
  • English General Wolfe,won
  • both generals died
  • 1775-Americans attack Quebec City, they lose.
  • French don't help Americans
  • 1867- British North America Act (BNA), Canada is a country!
  • 1876- treaty 6 (here)
  • government needed the land
  • 1885-last spike
  • Craigellachie, B.C.
  • 1885-Riel hanged in Regina
  • 1906- Klondike gold rush, Yukon
  • 1914- 1918- World War I
  • 1939-1945- World War II
  • 1961-Tommy Douglas- universal health care history game for home

2. Hudson's Bay Company

  • First Nations people wanted rifles
  • Rupert's Land
  • Hudson's Bay was the supply company (NWMP, RCMP)
  • pushed into isolated areas (reserves)
  • hunting and hard work
  • $5/person/year
  • lowest income group
  • cost of everyday items high in remote areas
  • low life expectancy
  • in poverty and threatened
  • HBC never controlled the fishing industry
  • pollution and habitat loss for wildlife in north
  • 300 years anniversary 1970
  • 100 lb. of tobacco
  • not trading fairly for skins

1. funny video

4. google video- Canada, a People's History (Plains of Abraham

1000 A.D.- Vikings at L'Anse Meadows, Newfoundland, Beothuk tribe
1500- John Cabot- British, Jacques Cartier- French
Northwest Passage- Henry Hudson, John Franklin and others
Samuel de Champlain- St. Lawrence River
beaver hats for Europeans
Hudson's Bay Company
Metis- French, Scottish etc. and First Nations having kids

Multi - Q- Canada Jeopardy