Do you have the determination to make it all the way?

PANP bike trip: June 5-7, 2012
PRINCE ALBERT NATIONAL PARK BIKE TRIP PLANNING WIKI Itinerary: Just a quick note about our itinerary for the trip. We pack up at 9:00 am Tues. At this time, we are taking cars to Christopher Lake. You need a bag lunch for the road, although we are stopping at Burger King in P.A. From there we will be dropped off at Christopher Lake and we will ride to Trapper's Lake or Namekus Lake to camp. Supper will be made over the fire if there is no fire ban, over the camp stoves if there is one. The next day we will make breakfast, break camp and ride to Waskesiu. We will eat lunch and supper there. The next day we will eat breakfast and break camp and ride to Boundary Bog trail for a walk and then load the bus and head to P.A. for a burger at Mcdonald's. We will be back at the school between 3 and 5 on Thurs.. (sorry we can't be more specific) A few more items:
  • There are stores and a bakery in Waskesiu, there are none at Trapper's.
  • Washrooms along the way are in the bush!!
  • There are great bathrooms and showers in Waskesiu and outhouses at Trapper's.
  • The water at Trapper's may not be potable (drinkable) and so we need containers to carry water up.
  • The water is pottable at Waskesiu.
  • tent check day for the kids is Fri., June 1 in the morning
  • it will be important for the kids to have snacks along the way, they need a back pack and some snacks and water.
  • backpacks will be carried in the back of the truck
  • all cooking will be done on an open fire or the cook stoves and the kids will need matches, perhaps an axe or hatchet
  • kids will need to bring some money if they wish to purchase food in P.A. or Waskesiu
  • please call us at school (683-7100) if you have any more questions
  • see the equipment list and menu planning below
  • the cost of the trip is $10.00/person and is due now!
  • warm-up rides
    • Thurs., May 17, am
    • Thurs., May 24, am
    • Thurs., May 31, pm
    • Fri., June 1 tent set-up day
Clothing: rain jacket, socks, underwear, swim suit, sunscreen, shorts, old running shoes, hat, towel. long pants, water proof pants, flashlight, bug repellant, sweatshirt, warm jacket, pajamas, toilet kit, plastic bags, rope
Cooking: wiener sticks, pan, pot, spatula, water container, cooler, plate, cutlery, cup, matches, coleman stove, dish soap,
Tenting: tent, sleeping bag, pillow, axe/hatchet, tarp, rope, flashlight, sleeping mat/pad/mattress
Bike: snacks, backpack, jacket, water, old shoes, helmet,gloves?
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external image elk-beach.jpg


​nuts, gatorade,
trail mix, power bars, oranges, apples, gatorade
hamburgers, buns, fruit, carrots
bagels, fruit, muffins
sandwiches, carrots, fruit
wiers and beans
hotdogs, buns, veggies, fruit
bagels, muffins, fruit
Mr. F.
Jingfei, Emerald, Iman, Ani,
water, fruit bars, trail mix,granola bars, gatorade,
chicken wings, carrotts,cocoa milk,hotdogs
bagels, cream cheese, muffins, watermelon, nutella,
ramen noodles, juice boxes, hotdogs ,cherrys, strawberrys
hot dogs, carrots, burgers, cheese and crackers,
apples, bagles, cinnimon buns, muffins
Uneeza, Maha

Sid, Jimmy, Matthew, Alex, Nelson
Trail Mix, Gatorade, Power Bars, Apples
Hamburgers, Buns, Condoments, Snap Peas, Chocolate Milk, Smores, Cups
Peanut Butter, Nutella, Bagels, Apples
Muffins, Gatorade, Granola Bars
Hot Dogs, Buns, Condoments, Smores, Carrots, Chocolate Milk
Bagels, Peanut Butter, Nutella, Apples
Riley, Sarah, Kylie, Sam.
100%, hot rods,cashews, trail mix,
granola, bars, almonds?,
water, gatorade,
Grapes, Hamburgers, buns, carrots,
Peanut Butter, Bagels, frozen juice,
buns, snap peas,beans, gatorade
Hot dogs,cream corn, buns, condiments
Pineapple,strawberries, cinnimon buns, milk
Kally, Julia, Autumn, Cassie


Peter,Blake ,Johnny,
cliffbars,gatorade,trail mix,granola bars.carrots,apples,
Hot dogs.Hot dog buns,ketchup mustard.Condiments.
Cinnimon buns,juice.
Pbj sandwiches.
Hot dogs.Juice.

Hannah, Anwyn, Megan

Trixie, Alyssa, Milena
Fruit to go,Frozen water
Spicy rolled taco things
Cinamon dougnut,Carrots,Pita,Veggies
Chocolate gronola bars,Strawberries

Pratik, Isaac.
nuts, gatorde,
trail mix, apple, banana,water,
power bars.
Hot dogs(with buns),
Carrots, coca cola, Chocolates, ketchup.
bagels, chocolate milk,
Peanuts Butter, oranges.
mango juice, snicker, gatorade.
chicken burger,
coca cola, cucumber, chips.
bagels, chocolate milk, fruits.
School Burrow.