Super Book of Web Tools

multi-media (photos, movies)
game making
video quiz
timelines fantastic tool for communication to parents sharing web mix and bookmarks, very visual list your sites on-line file sharing brainstorming science game skype an author make a movie educational videos virtual bulletin board glogster, multi-media posters virtual world game virtual world game create a story live binders collect items representing a person's life mind maps, movies, audio editing, cartoons create posters, photos, etc. create multi-media, sharing, sound bookshelf free website host collaborative projects on-line talking photos zooming presentations painting comics class management
http://www.sweets- search engine for students timelines pictoral search engine print what you like free photoshop bulletin board pictoral search engine web meeting and collaboration creative commons search bibliography maker historical photos learning blogs NY Times 60 second writing paper rater for grammar, style and spelling video editing tutorials micro-blogging, backchannel watching videos collaboratively on-line creation tools, music, photos, screen cast chemistry education google/wolfram alpha search video quizes on-line collaboration documentary films share large files